ENEPLAN aims at developing collaborative open educational resources (OER), able to improve the capacities of teachers, students and researchers in energy planning in a sustainability perspective.

The ENEPLAN project was conceived to address the lack of interdisciplinary approaches in higher education to energy planning and development of renewable energy sources in Mediterranean areas, by increasing the capacities of future professionals through effective educational approaches, able to integrate different disciplines (spatial planning, environment, engineering, landscape) and foster collaboration with research and business activities in the renewable energy sector, thus keeping up with its rapid technological innovation.

Addressing this issue is crucial to ensure sustainability in energy planning, and prepare more qualified, up-to-date, employable professionals, able to deal with innovative renewable energy solutions and with the complexity of their social, economic and environmental context.


The ENEPLAN database brings together both existing datasets provided by project partners, and other open geo-data on energy potentials and renewable energy installations, providing an educational support to the students participating in the project workshops and activities.

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